Meet Peter

Bold Conservative Leadership

Peter Roskam is the Congressman serving the Sixth District of Illinois. Dubbed a “Rising Star” by the Chicago Sun-Times, Roll Call and others, Roskam is a conservative policy and political leader. He serves on the influential Ways & Means Committee, leading the fight for conservative policies on taxes, trade and healthcare. 

The Washington Post writes that "Roskam’s positions should debunk the notion that there is some gap between GOP leadership and the grass roots."

Deep Illinois Roots

A lifelong Illinoisan, Peter’s conservative roots run deep in Chicago’s western suburbs. Born and raised in Glen Ellyn and now living in Wheaton, Peter has always been part of the western suburbs community. 

Peter graduated from Glenbard West High School, where he was a varsity athlete and school leader. Later, after graduating from the University of Illinois and the Illinois Institute of Technology Law School, Peter served as a staffer for his predecessor, the legendary Chicagoland Congressman Henry Hyde. That’s when he met his wife of 25 years, Elizabeth. They have four children.

Back in Illinois, Peter continued his service to the community. He ran a non profit scholarship program for disadvantaged youth, Educational Assistance Ltd. In 1992, he was first elected as a State Representative to serve the people of the western suburbs. He served until 1998 and then again as a state Senator from 2000-2006, where he was the Republican Whip and Floor Leader.

Fighting for your values

Peter Roskam has long fought for commonsense conservative policies across the country.  Roskam is the co-chair of the Republican Israel Caucus and the U.S. Korea Working Group, a group dedicated to increasing pro-American export policies. 

Peter played a leading role in ensuring Republicans won back the House in 2010, serving as the vice-chair of the group that created the GOP’s Pledge to America. He also worked tirelessly to ensure Republicans swept all five contested Illinois congressional elections.